The FIRST and OFFICIAL John Goodman Fan Site

First page is done!

First page is done and the design theme has been defined for the site. I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far and I can't wait to show you all, I really can't, but I have to for a little bit longer.

I will tip my cards with one thing…you will be able to sign in with Facebook (if you use it) so you can comment on news and stories and such. Good news on that is that I could care less about what you do on Facebook, don't care who your friends are or anything about your personal data. I'm just going to use it so you have one less password to remember. Of course you could always do it the other way and log in directly, the experience will be the same….awesome! :)

Update on brother site

I've moved over to a hosting site that will allow me to keep the blog up front, while I construct things in the back. Also I've chosen my devil to create both sites, DreamWeaver. It's got more power and flexibility for the buck than RapidWeaver and doing it all by hand is asking for a concussion from repeatedly slamming my head into my desk.

The site may be down for up to 72 hours as the new information makes its way around the net. Always check here for updates on the other site if it doesn't respond. More updates soon….

end of line

Wow…didn't expect that...

Wow…didn't expect that. I posted on the John Goodman fan page on FaceBook about my site going back online soon and not only was my post deleted, I was kicked out of the group! I've requested to be re-added and find out why my post was deleted but I'm not holding my breath.

The admin of the group obviously doesn't care about the group because I've had to police posts about "amazing deals on designer sunglasses" and "does John really read this group?", no he doesn't. Guess he was just afraid of the competition. LOL

It still lives

WAY overdue update….

This site has been down for way too long. So long in fact I’m quite embarrassed.

This blog is just a placeholder for now so people know that the site still exists and will be returning to the web-waves very soon.

I do have grand plans for the site and I am working on getting my skills up to the point that I can pull off the site I see in my head. While I am updating my skill set, I am thinking that I may have to put up a work in progress version just to re-establish it’s presence on the net and when my skills are up to making the version in my head, which hopefully will not be long, unleash the full force of how wonderful this site can be.

Bob - webmaster