Delay with good news….

Sorry for the delay in updates…I’ve chosen a different route for the site and I’m going to use WordPress (as you can see) instead of all the other options I have.  It’s the most flexible and will let me do 99% of what I want this final site to look like.

Currently I’m building the fan site for Abraham Benrubi – .  I’ve been running it for years but it’s time to bring both sites out of the mothballs and let them shine again.  Check it out if you want.  It’s still under construction so not all of the features work at the moment but it will give you an idea where I’m going. I still have a few surprises up my sleeve though. 😉
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  1. Lincoln Worosz says:

    Many thanks for the noteworthy work you’re doing on this blog. Your devotion to the topic is absolutely contagious!

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